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E-commerce is taking over the world, now more than ever. While you see online shopping of numerous products, mainly clothing and grocery, there still are fewer businesses selling tools and hardware online. To offer this ease to you, we work to save your day.

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Toolhq is your local Australian online hardware and tools store, dealing in offering a wide range of hardware to you. The next time you want computer accessories or game gadgets, or hand tools, we are just a click away.

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Excessive Range of Tools:

Our e-commerce store has a massive range of tools and hardware that you may need. From mobile sets and computer equipment to day-to-day hand tool essentials, you can expect us to have all of them in stock, available for you to add to your cart, and be delivered on your doorsteps.

Affordable Prices:

We charge market-competitive prices for all our products. We value our customer base very highly. That is why we aim to make more loyal customers with each order. Our devotion towards this goal is why we offer such affordable prices so that you can get every tool you need and continue supporting our business for a long time.

Our store offers you various modes to make payments, from Mastercard to Paypal, so that you can place your orders quickly.
We also offer fast nationwide delivery. As soon as you place your order on our online store, we begin processing it. We get it safely packed and delivered to you most quickly and securely possible.

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What are the key requirements for fall arrest systems

To this day, there are numerous industry sites that have reported their workers experiencing falls. Many workers that work in such site areas find themselves with stories of how their friends face work-related injuries. Out of these injuries, the falls seem to affect most workers. This is why it is vital to initiate programs and systems that can prevent such injuries from occurring. One such system that can be implemented is the fall arrest system. However, there are some things that it demands that you must foresee before its implementation.

Height of your work site

First, you will have to determine what kind of industry covers your worksite. There are regulations assigned to each industry in terms of fall protection systems. If you are part of the general industry, the minimum height is four feet, the construction industry has six feet and the ship loading industry has eight feet. If your industry crosses the required height, then it is the legal right of the workers to have a fall arrest system at the site area.

On the other hand, any industry dealing with fragile equipment is legally required to put the system on no matter what the height.

In case of hazard

Now the next thing is to analyze the working area, could it potentially become a falling hazard? In such cases, you will have to make the decision of amending the site area or replacing it with protective barriers. At times, builders can eradicate the hazard by changing up the site area. But it does not always work as the site is constructed to facilitate various groups all at once. Hence, the protection system is taken into account. There are multiple ways like installing harnesses or barriers but fall arrest systems work much efficiently. Their designs are personalized in accordance with the working industry.

Count your ABC

Fall protection systems provided by fall protection melbourne are of two types, active and passive. Passive systems are accustomed with ladder cages that do not allow much movement from the worker while active systems focus on preventing the fall.. Usually, active fall systems are used based on their complex design and customization. Here are the components that you would need to know for your active systems.

  • Anchorage is the point that allows the stable attachment of the fall arrest system and is vital as the whole body mass is centred here
  • Body support is the actual support that would provide your worker with the assistance in case of a fall. It needs to be balanced with the body weight of the worker to carry any active forces.
  • Lastly, the connecting point acts as the fulcrum point between the anchorage and the body harnesses, absorbing the shock in case of fall.


In case of implementing the system, it is utmost necessary to train the workers with the system. Moreover, maintenance is the key. If you find yourself with a system that has not been inspected properly, then that system would create hazards rather than preventing them.

Choose products for your online store

If this is your first experience in the field of ecommerce, the question that might arise is: what to sell online to make money? Choosing what to sell online is one of the main reasons that pushes people to abandon the idea of ​​opening an ecommerce. To find the best products to sell online, you need to be strategic: you need to identify a niche, a series of trendy or hard-to-find products in stores and ecommerce like Amazon.

What you need to aim for are specific products that interest a particular audience, or market. Our advice is to make a list of all the potential products that you could sell in your store. Think about things that might interest you, your friends, your colleagues or your family. Also check out social shopping sites like Pinterest, Etsy or Instagram for ideas on what to sell online.

You can find the right inspiration everywhere, just look for it! And remember that you can always check if the idea you had can be successful by searching for that product on Google.

How to find products to sell online?
You can rely on apps like Oberlo that will give you access to a large catalog of products. Alternatively, you can do Google or marketplace searches.

The dropshipping is a business model that acquires more and more popularity among modern entrepreneurs, because it can make you make money online without investing, and is a low risk compared to the traditional model of ecommerce, which provides that the employer has to deal first hand to find suppliers and manage inventory.

Here’s how it works: You use a marketplace like Oberlo to find the suppliers of the products you want to sell online, and import the products directly into your store. In this way you will never have to worry about the management of the goods and you can easily modify and update your inventory to always be in line with current trends!

How much does it cost to open an online store?

You have given life to the entrepreneur inside you who has long been whispering “Start your own business”. In the sea of ​​ideas that has sprung up before you, you have chosen to open an online store. And now? What to do?

Opening an online store is easy, especially thanks to platforms like Shopify that make the process easier, but there are several steps to follow if you want to start a successful business.

Will provide you with tips and strategies on how to open an online store, which products to sell, how to choose the right products and much more.

It is possible to open an online store with a minimal initial investment. Shopify, for example, offers subscription plans starting at $ 29 per month.

As for the management costs of the store, if you decide to open a traditional online store will depend on the cost of the products you will have to buy, and on how much you decide to invest in marketing strategies .

If you want to start a dropshipping business with minimal initial investment and zero risk, by registering with Oberlo you can access the Starter package, free forever.