If this is your first experience in the field of ecommerce, the question that might arise is: what to sell online to make money? Choosing what to sell online is one of the main reasons that pushes people to abandon the idea of ​​opening an ecommerce. To find the best products to sell online, you need to be strategic: you need to identify a niche, a series of trendy or hard-to-find products in stores and ecommerce like Amazon.

What you need to aim for are specific products that interest a particular audience, or market. Our advice is to make a list of all the potential products that you could sell in your store. Think about things that might interest you, your friends, your colleagues or your family. Also check out social shopping sites like Pinterest, Etsy or Instagram for ideas on what to sell online.

You can find the right inspiration everywhere, just look for it! And remember that you can always check if the idea you had can be successful by searching for that product on Google.

How to find products to sell online?
You can rely on apps like Oberlo that will give you access to a large catalog of products. Alternatively, you can do Google or marketplace searches.

The dropshipping is a business model that acquires more and more popularity among modern entrepreneurs, because it can make you make money online without investing, and is a low risk compared to the traditional model of ecommerce, which provides that the employer has to deal first hand to find suppliers and manage inventory.

Here’s how it works: You use a marketplace like Oberlo to find the suppliers of the products you want to sell online, and import the products directly into your store. In this way you will never have to worry about the management of the goods and you can easily modify and update your inventory to always be in line with current trends!