You have given life to the entrepreneur inside you who has long been whispering “Start your own business”. In the sea of ​​ideas that has sprung up before you, you have chosen to open an online store. And now? What to do?

Opening an online store is easy, especially thanks to platforms like Shopify that make the process easier, but there are several steps to follow if you want to start a successful business.

Will provide you with tips and strategies on how to open an online store, which products to sell, how to choose the right products and much more.

It is possible to open an online store with a minimal initial investment. Shopify, for example, offers subscription plans starting at $ 29 per month.

As for the management costs of the store, if you decide to open a traditional online store will depend on the cost of the products you will have to buy, and on how much you decide to invest in marketing strategies .

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