It is important to keep the rubber tracks of your tractor in mint condition. Unlike steel tracks, rubber tracks do not cause any kind of ground damage. They are quieter and have less vibrations so that you are more comfortable in the tractor seat. also these are lighter and do not rust. They are also considered to be quite durable. However if you want to ensure that your rubber track stay in good condition it is important that they are maintained the right way. Maintaining your rubber tracks would not only protect the efficiency of a machine but also ensure that it is safe to work on.

The following are a few tips from rubber tracks Sydney to help ensure your the maintenance of the tractor tracks.

Advice from the experts at rubber track Sydney

It is necessary to look over the rubber track closely for any signs of damage. It is also important to check the alignment during all pre and post operation. When you are inspecting your tracks make sure to check out the logs and keep an eye out for one of the Turing cables. You might want to refer to the operators manual to see how big the gap should be between the start and the middle and you should make sure that it is connected the right way.

Checking the tension for your rubber track can help avoid the excessive wear. Each kind of heavy equipment requires a different amount of tension. Make sure that you have read the manual correctly. Extra tight rubber tracks along with loose one can hinder the productivity of the engine.

You may also want to make sure that you clean the rubber tracks after every use. This is because the dirt or the debris can build up in the rails. Eventually this would cause the pressure on the tracks and the undercarriage to build up and might result in damaging it. Accumulated debris needs to be removed. The use of a pressure washer to get rid of the gravel which has become stuck to the tracks is necessary.

You can try using a screwdriver to clean out the drive holes. Sometime the Asphalt and any other debris my accumulate in the half holes and wear them down. Eventually it can destroy the tracks lugs.

Make sure that you drive slowly and smoothly. It is also important that you do not go in Reverse because it can add extra stress to the tracks. If you do plan to go in Reverse make sure you do it slowly and steadily. Avoid running the tractor over broken concrete or areas with a whole lot of gravel. If you roll over abrasive ground it can damage the surface of the tracks.

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